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Open Battle

interactive comic where everyone is welcome cheer to help people win fights or enter yourself. once your in you will fight for ever. win fights gain bonuses and take on the masters and become the best


how teh comic works

Updates everyday hopefully
NOTE THIS IS A FREE COMIC AND WILL RUN REGARDLESS OF DONATIONS. DONATIONS just make the comic better and give you may rewards as follow.

as an example there will be a exhibition fight and the top donator after the end of the prolog will be in this fight and be given 2 battle tokens

there are almost no limits to what you can be or how you fight.
The battles are one by people cheering the person you want to win in the comments. more cheers the more likely the person will win. you can also donate money. $1 = one cheer.

any donations gets you an appearance in the comic in the crowd and so on.
the two people with the top donation get to fight in the next round and are contests and will appear in more fights later on. so get in early while it will still cheap and you will be in matches when my art improves later on.
any donation over $5 will stay until you get in. you donate $5 but two people donate more but in the next round that $5 donation will still be eligible and you wont have to re-donate.
when the gobble donations reach $10 i will start inking the comic for 10 pages $20 colour $30 full shadow and effect. that's $3 for a full colour comic pages.

also donation also go towards hybrid life donation pool

that's a lot of stuff for not much.

after winning or loosing a battle you get battle tokens, that are used to upgrade your characters weapons equipment, powers, ability's, living quarters and so on.
tokens can also be given from donations. once your in you will be many fights but they might be a while in between but they will happen. if you want to fast track to another fight then once again be the highest donator.

posted by Able @ May 26th, 2012, 11:53 pm  -  0 comments

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